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We are a world leader in providing Lightning-as-a-Service infrastructure.

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Pioneering a New Era in Finance
IBEX began its operations in 2018 as a Bitcoin Over-The-Counter (OTC) desk in Guatemala, rapidly evolving into an influential provider of Lightning-as-a-Service infrastructure. This transition marks our journey from a regional service to an architect of global financial technology solutions, reshaping how value is transferred worldwide.

Our collaboration with El Salvador, providing the infrastructure for their government-issued wallet to utilize the Lightning Network, propelled IBEX onto the international stage. This critical role not only highlighted our technological prowess but also opened doors to new partnerships with industry leaders and tech innovators. Our work has been instrumental in enabling these partners to enhance their value movement, evolving them into lightning fintechs and solidifying our position as a pivotal force in the financial technology ecosystem.
“In a world where you can’t trust anyone, what can you trust?
that which is trust-less; and that is bitcoin”
_ Jose Lemus // CEO
Founded to Revolutionize Payments
Founded to revolutionize payment systems via Bitcoin and Lightning network innovations, we launched in Guatemala as a dedicated Bitcoin-only Over-the-Counter (OTC) desk.
First to deliver Lightning services to a country
Pioneering Lightning Network services, we became the first entity to launch in El Salvador, the initial country to declare Bitcoin legal tender, onboarding millions instantly. This established a new global benchmark for Bitcoin adoption.
IBEX provides Merchant Solution to InternationalBrands in El Salvador
Unveiled the industry-leading retail Lightning Point of Sale (POS) solution, substantially improving the transactional efficiency and accessibility of Bitcoin, with Starbucks, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut and others as notable adopters.
[jan, 2022]
Onboarded first Mexican exchange to Lightning
Led the way in Mexico by incorporating Tauros exchange into the Lightning Network, enhancing the Bitcoin transaction experience with improved speed and efficiency.
[APR, 2022]
IBEX powers merchants in BTC Miami 2022
IBEX integrated 85 businesses in Miami, allowing them to accept bitcoin via POS systems. Following a successful pilot at Bitcoin 2022 in Miami, where merchants processed over 2 BTC.
[APR 7, 2022]
IBEX is mentioned at the Billionaire’s panel inBTC Miami 2022
At the "Billionaire Capital Allocators" panel, Greg Foss emphasized IBEX's impact in demonstrating Bitcoin's transformative potential. He showcased how IBEX, starting as a Guatemalan project and expanding to cities like Miami, illustrates Bitcoin's ability to drive substantial social and economic changes globally.
[jul, 2022]
Onboarded first professional sports team
Formed a groundbreaking partnership with Perth Heat, becoming the first professional sports team to join the Lightning Network ecosystem, which allows their team and fans to interact globally by trading value and unlocking global fandom.
[jul, 2022]
Onboarded first Guatemalan Bitcoin wallet
Expanded our services to Guatemala with Osmo Wallet, becoming the first Bitcoin wallet in the country to utilize the Lightning network for faster and more efficient transactions.
[May, 2023]
Onboarded first conglomerate to Lightning
Forged a groundbreaking partnership with Grupo Salinas, one of Mexico's largest corporate conglomerates, to adopt and implement cutting-edge Lightning Network solutions. Positioning Mexico at the forefront of the digital revolution.
[Apr, 2023]
Total Play, goes live receiving LN BTC payments
Totalplay integrated Bitcoin as a payment option for its services through a partnership with IBEX, benefiting more than four million Mexicans by allowing them to make payments and receive remittances in Bitcoin.
[May, 2023]
IBEX became BTC Miami main sponsor and payment processing
IBEX was the main sponsor for BTC Miami 2023, highlighting its role as Bitcoin payment processing solution.
[May, 2023]
BAZ APP Lightning Network integration launch
BAZ APP, a Mexican super app that serves as a one-stop shop, launched Lightning Network integration for its 20 million users in Mexico, enabling them to buy, sell, send, and receive Bitcoin.
Deliver Financial Freedom To
8 billion
> Founders, team & Investors


Jose Lemus
Founder //
Juan Lemus
Co-Founder //
Country Manager MX
Esteban De La Peña
Co-Founder //
Alvaro Sol
Co-FOunder //
Chief of Staff
Mario Aguiluz
Co-Founder // Head of New Markets

Executive team

Barrett Little
chief technology officer
Rodrigo Argüello
Head of Digital Wealth management

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Jun 28, 2023
Bitcoin Treasury Strategy: Challenges & Opportunities
We are thrilled to announce our upcoming online panel discussion, where we will be engaging with experts in an interactive session aimed at professionals who are keen to understand the evolving role of Bitcoin in treasury strategy.
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May 15, 2022
Lightning Infrastructure Innovations
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