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Your company can integrate Lightning into its current products or design new services leveraging our API.

We have integrated with:

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Digital Wallets
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Deposit/Withdrawal for FinTechs
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Merchant Payment Solutions
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Remittance Solutions
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Digital Payments
And many more!
The IBEX engineering team will work together with your organization, providing business and technical education and making recommendations on best practices for implementing Lightning functionality and protocols.

"Working with the IBEX team to integrate payments via bitcoin / lightning for our conference tickets and onsite payments was a pleasure. The set up was simple and straightforward. Implementation support with the IBEX team was very responsive whenever we needed help or something changed. We look forward to further implementing IBEX into our online store and continuing to build out relationships with the IBEX team!"


“We've worked with IbexHub extensively and can attest to their excellent documentation, easy-to-use interface, and compliance with industry standards. Developer overhead is greatly reduced when you use IbexHub to manage your lightning operations - we highly recommend them!”


“IBEXHUB enabled us to build a highly functional POS system from scratch in record time. The developers behind HUB have been receptive to feedback and always quick to respond.”


For Perth Heat, this is not a partnership but a relationship that continues to flourish. IBEX is incredibly focused company whose software is seamless, with first class support. What we love most about IBEX is their willingness to pioneer and to explore what is possible. IBEX have a passion to improve the globe through the lightning network and this is commitment is inspiring. And while the product is brilliant, it’s the people, team IBEX who are also first class.

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A modular API platform to build Lightning fast payment and remittance applications like never before.

A Lightning tool box to build solutions like:


The easiest and fastest way for any business to receive instant Bitcoin payments via the Lightning network.


Allows you to top up your wallet and to cash out.


You can build Bitcoin/Lightning wallets.