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A modular API platform to build Lightning fast transaction solutions.

Cutting Edge Functionalities

Unified Lightning and On-chain wallet

Unified balance for intuitive and easy interaction between On-chain and LN wallets.

Generate Lightning and On-chain invoices

Transfer a specific amount or pay an invoice.

Pay Lightning and On-chain invoices

Ask for a specific amount or just share an address.

Unified Lightning and On-chain balances

Operate Lightning and On-Chain transactions through unified balances in IBEXHUB.


Top up your wallet lightning fast by simply scanning a QR code and adding funds instantly.

Bitcoin FIAT denominated accounting

Hold balances denominated in Bitcoin and USD.

Solutions like:


The easiest and fastest way for Payment Processors and Merchants to accept payments over the Lightning Network.

Accept bitcoin payments

Integrate Bitcoin as an additional payment method in your products and services.

No hardware needed

IBEX PAY is a responsive web app. Add a Bitcoin Payment Terminal to the home screen in any device.

Currency convertibility

IBEX PAY offers instant convertibility to USD in select jurisdictions.


Cash top-ups and withdrawals products operating over the Lightning Network.


Create vouchers redeemable for Bitcoin.


Allow your customers to redeem Bitcoin for Fiat in person.
Our engineering team offers business and technical education and Lightning implementation best practices.