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Episode 14: Bitcoin como estrategia de jubilación

Episode 17: All you need to know on Nation-state adoption

Episode 25: Bitcoin personal finance with Brian Harrington

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Lightning Network?

The lightning network makes any payment rail more efficient. IBEXHUB has all basic, and advanced Lightning Network functionalities - which opens the door to many different product cases.

What are IBEXHUB pricing and fees?

We divide the pricing for IBEXHUB based on the Receive and Send capabilities. Our pricing model scales based on the volume of transactions.

Example: Typically, Payment Processors just need the Receive capability - we just take a small % of every transaction.

Example 2: Wallets need to Send and Receive Lightning - fees are established in a transaction based model dependent on reaching certain transaction thresholds. No % fee.

Example 3: If you have a Payment Processor + Wallet, we improve the pricing for both to incentivize the building of ecosystems.

Can I have USD convertibility with IBEXHUB?

We offer Lightning -> Fiat convertibility with IBEXHUB in select jurisdictions for a % fee, we currently support U.S, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

Do you accept other forms of crypto payments?

No, we are a bitcoin only company. Our focus is on building the best Lightning Infrastructure and Products for businesses and individuals.

Do you have a testnet available?

IBEXHUB works on the live network. The Lightning Network testnet is very different from the actual given the graph, channels, and different nodes. As such, results from the testnet have a high probability of being different on the main network. We can provide you with sats to test out IBEXHUB.