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Our Mission

Deliver financial freedom to 8 Billion people.

About Us

IBEX is a bitcoin infrastructure company specialized in Lightning Network (LN) enterprise solutions. Founded in 2018, we are a world leader in providing Lightning-as-a-Service infrastructure for quick, scalable deployment. With offices in El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, and in the US.

Barista showing device using the Ibex ecosystem


IBEX started operations in Guatemala in 2018 as a Bitcoin only OTC desk. In 2021, IBEX began developing infrastructure for public and private sector companies to interact with Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. We developed and launched a payment processor, IBEXPay, to the first country to declare Bitcoin legal tender and onboarded millions at once - El Salvador. Our success in Lightning has led us to be the the preferred choice for global brands.

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History's Game Changer

The payment methods have evolved from bartering to coins and paper money to meet the needs of an interconnected economy. However, many payment processing technologies are surprisingly old. The current payment system has slow settlement times, high transaction fees, limited interoperability, and security risks due to inefficient data coordination. New payment technologies, such as Bitcoin's Lightning Network, offer a global database that enables faster, more secure, and more efficient financial transactions.

" There is significant untapped potential in payments that are not currently available, which could lead to numerous commercial opportunities. "

- Jose Lemus. CEO

Why Us

Scalable and secure bitcoin payments

Bitcoin and money logistics solutions to meet your requirements

Institutional grade payment infrastructure

API-first Infrastructure service provider

Globally distributed team of Solution  Architects

Experience serving all types of clients integrating to Bitcoin's most promising use case